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«Reiki & Terapias Orientais»

Aqui divulgo Terapias energeticas e/ou holísticas, evolução do Ser e crescimento pessoal. Autor do livro "Partilhas de um Ser" «Mestre de Reiki e Karuna». Tratamentos, Cursos e Workshop's

Aqui divulgo Terapias energeticas e/ou holísticas, evolução do Ser e crescimento pessoal. Autor do livro "Partilhas de um Ser" «Mestre de Reiki e Karuna». Tratamentos, Cursos e Workshop's

«Reiki & Terapias Orientais»


Dia Internacional do REIKI





Caros leitores e visitantes,

Pretendemos gerar a união entre todos os Reikianos, independentemente da escola, nível, país.

Cada vez mais nos devemos unir em prol deste trabalho dignificante, desta filosofia de vida que em tanto nos ajuda a crescer, pelos seus cinco princípios.

Propomos o dia 15 de AGOSTO por ser a data de nascimento do nosso mestre Mikao Usui, desta forma estaremos sempre a celebrar o grande marco que foi para o Reiki, agradecendo os seus ensinamentos e, pelo menos por um dia, gerando união e harmonia entre todos.

Criamos uns dísticos em várias línguas (Inglês, Francês, Espanhol e Alemão), que pedimos que distribuam entre os vossos contactos, espalhem esta iniciativa pelos quatro cantos do globo.

Esta iniciativa não é por nosso nome, não é pela associação, nem para um proveito, é para todos homenageando todos os Reikianos deste mundo e esta terapêutica complementar.

Ass: O Delegado Regional do Algarve da Associação Portuguesa de Reiki.

Saudações Reikianas



What is Reiki?

Reiki is not a religion. It beholds no doctrines, creeds or contradictions to the universal laws of consciousness and love. No matter where the person may be at a certain point in their life, Reiki will harmonize and embrace their philosophical center point, adding to it the divine presence. Once an individual is attuned to Reiki through initiations, they are permanently linked without the need of conscious alteration of the mind, either through meditation, prayer, or imaging. Simply by placing one’s hands on oneself, or another person, allows the energy to flow through the individual. It fills the Reiki practitioner’s hands into the individual who is receiving the healing.
Reiki energy comes from the God-Force and is an extremely powerful healing energy. It is one of the few forms of healing that can be used to heal oneself. Reiki does not conflict with other health-care, but enhances its result. It does not interfere with traditional medical treatment, but facilitates benefits. Reiki speeds the healing process, and provides a source of restoring energy while one is ill, under medical treatment, or in recovery.
Reiki healing is a pure energy form. When it is combined with the sincere desire of the healee, who is willing to effect a cleansing within their emotional and spiritual consciousness, a total healing can occur. We must always remember that the energy of the God-Force is neutral and awaits the positive, productive empowerment by the healee, the Reiki practitioner plays an instrumental part in transformation, and yet ultimately it is up to the healee to manifest harmony and balance in their life. The Reiki practitioner is a channel and must not allow the “Ego-Will” to desire the healee well. The Reiki practitioner must be a clear vessel through which the healing energy flows. This allows the highest soul purpose to be the outcome of the healing. Reiki is a tool for use at any moment, anytime, anywhere for on-the-spot stress release, pain relief and quick energy. In short, Reiki is a wholistic self-help technique for directing natural life energy. No special environment or equipment is needed and age makes no difference. By following steps taught by a trained Reiki Master/Teacher, anyone is able to direct the “Light Energy” of Reiki to meet individual needs.

Reiki at a Catholic Hospital


I am a Board Certified Chaplain-certified by The National Association of Catholic Bishops and I have worked here at Marian Medical Center for nearly 10 years. I learned Reiki from two of our nurses, Jeanette McDaniel, RN, who works in the ER, and Joyce B. Benedetti, RN, Manager of the Education Department at Marian. I have been a practitioner/teacher since 1997.

At the present time, I am primarily the Second Floor Chaplain, although I also see ER patients in the early morning and am frequently called to the ER. I begin my patient rounds a little before 7 AM in the OR Holding area (the room just before the Operating Rooms), then work my way back through the Same Day Surgery Care Unit, CCU (Critical Care Unit which includes Intensive Care and Cardiac Care Units), and then head for 2 North. A large number of nurses, a few physicians and a number of employees from others sections of the Medical Center have received Reiki Training. This includes persons working in the ER, Physical Therapy, Environmental Services, CCU, Medical and Surgical Services Chaplaincy, Home Care, Hospice, and ministry to Persons With Aids. I am enclosing flyers from our Hospital sponsored Reiki programs. We have an on-going program at the Marian Cancer Center for cancer patients and their families and an annual "Cherishing Yourself Day" held during our yearly City-wide Peace Week Celebration. Both are very well attended by the public. Over 40 people come to receive Reiki on "Cherishing Yourself Day" this year.

In my work as a Chaplain, I see people of all denominations, people who have no religious preference, people who have no religion and those who would just like a "social visit." I am not "the Catholic Chaplain", but minister to all who welcome such visits.

There is still a certain amount of fear/restraint on the part of some people in administration that keeps them from endorsing Reiki as a part of the Integrative Medical Services: a misunderstanding of what Reiki is and there are some persons who threaten to withdraw their contributions/donations to the Medical Center because they feel Reiki violates their personal belief system in one way or another. Hopefully these misconceptions will change over time. An increasing number of people know that I use Reiki and ask for me personally (or for one of the others who use Reiki), and some ask for the "nun who does laying on of hands." For the most part when I ask people if they would like me to pray will them, they stretch out one or both hands and they know I am praying for healing for them or their loved one. I get many comments from people telling me how much better they feel/felt.

I would like to share some stories with you. In the stories in which I use people's names, I use them with their permission. The OR nurses frequently direct me to patients who are very anxious/fearful before surgery and tell me later that the patient has told them how much better they felt after my visit, or how the patient was suddenly so much calmer/more at peace. A few patients have told me they don't want to let go of my hand because "holding it makes me feel better." One of the anesthesiologists later asked me for information on Reiki. I gave him the book: REIKI, ENERGY MEDICINE, which details the use of Reiki by physicians/nurses at Massachusetts General. On another occasion another anesthesiologist looked me up after a surgery and said, "I don't know what you did, but whatever it was it worked--the mass (tumor) wasn't there any more--that was a real surprise!" On my regular rounds I went to see a new patient and the RN and Physical Therapist had just gotten her up. I started to leave with the intention of coming back when they had finished, when the patient, holding tightly to the walker said she "felt funny," but refused to sit back down when requested to do so by the RN. The RN took her blood pressure as she was standing there and said it was "sky high." While she consulted with the Physical Therapist, I quietly asked the woman if she would like me to pray for her and she said it "couldn't hurt." I placed my hands over hers (she was still clutching the walker with both hands) and prayed a brief prayer for healing and left. In about 5 minutes the Physical Therapist rushed out, found me and told me that the woman's blood pressure had dropped 40 points and that she was feeling great. One of the patients told her Nurse that after I put my hands on her head the severe headache she had as a result of her IV medication "lifted up like a cloud" and did not come back. I had had only a minute or two with her before her family came in laughing and talking to visit her. I had major abdominal surgery myself in March of 1999 and my friends did Reiki on me before and after the surgery and at intervals afterwards. When I saw my surgeon 3 weeks after the surgery, he did a double take and said, "This is amazing! I can't believe how fast you are healing!" He just shook his head and looked up the date of the surgery. At my discharge visit he again remarked on the rapidity of the healing and said he wished all his patients would heal that rapidly.

I have found Reiki to be a great comfort to patients on our Compassionate Care Program (patients with a prognosis of approximately a week or less to live). They tell me they feel "so relaxed" or feel "so much more at peace." On occasion, I have taught Reiki to their families at the bedside. I have referred some patients/families to the Third Thursday Reiki Sessions at The Unity Church for a continuation of the healing process and people who attend these sessions from the community at large often ask for Reiki when they are admitted to the Medical Center. Jeanette McDaniel, RN, who works in the Emergency Room, uses Reiki daily, sometimes at the ER Doctor's request-they don't always call it Reiki, they sometimes referred to it as "that thing you do," or "that massage you do." She uses it with patients, Doctors, Nurses and other employees at their request. She has seen blood flows lessen or stop, and healings of many kinds, including making the passage from this life to the next more peaceful for some. Jacqueline Miller, CCRN, from the Critical Care Unit has had the same experience as above, using Reiki/massage with her patients, families, co-workers, and physicians with very good results. Donna Matthews, RN, who works Med/Surg shared with me that she uses Reiki often and finds it often helps calm patients with dementia and Alzheimer's as well as emotionally stressed patients and their families as well as terminally ill patients and those on the Compassionate Care Program. There are many wonderful healing stories from Doris Oakes and others who work at the Marian Cancer Center-stories of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing/improvement. Doris and a fairly large number of others volunteer at the monthly Reiki Sessions at the Cancer Center--hopefully to soon be bi-monthly if all goes well. Some of the Rns at the Cancer Center also have Reiki training. I have contacted people at various hospitals in the area and while Reiki is sometimes offered at the Cancer Centers, and a class is sponsored by Sierra Vista Medical Center, Reiki is practiced primarily by individual nurses and others in their work situations and is not fully accepted by the medical community at large. It is my hope and prayer that this will change.

It is my opinion that the value of Reiki and its very simplicity of use especially in a medical setting are inestimable. I have seen the results of its use on the physical, mental emotional and spiritual levels and, again, it is my fervent hope that it will soon be accepted fully in the medical field. Thank you so much for all that you have done to make this wonderful healing modality available to all.


Reiki in Hospitals

R eiki is a method of stress reduction that also promotes healing. Lay practitioners have used it for more than 90 years, and its popularity is growing. A recent study indicates that in 2002, over one million adults in the US received one or more Reiki sessions. Physicians and nurses are beginning to recognize its value and have begun adding it to services provided by hospitals, medical clinics, and hospice programs. They indicate that Reiki reduces stress, decreases the need for pain medication, improves sleep and appetite, and accelerates the healing process. They also indicate that Reiki reduces many of the unwanted side effects of radiation and drugs, including chemotherapy. Clearly, Reiki can be very beneficial in a hospital setting. Read more about Reiki.

The purpose of this web site is to promote the availability of Reiki in medical settings by providing a list of hospitals, medical clinics, and hospice programs where Reiki sessions are offered. The site also provides a way for those wanting to start a Reiki program in a hospital or clinic to network with the organizers of programs already in operation. The site can also be useful for patients looking for a hospital, clinic, or other medical program where Reiki is offered, or for hospital or medical clinic administrators wanting to learn how to start a Reiki program.

Membership is free

To gain access to the site resources, you need to become a member by filling out a form. Membership is free.

Membership Benefits
  1. Provides a list of hospitals, clinics, and hospice programs where Reiki sessions are offered. Includes a program description and contact information. Information listed has been verified and approved by each hospital or clinic.
  2. Provides a list of integrative medicine organizations that maintain Reiki hospital/clinic programs in more than one location.
  3. Provides a way to Email program organizers/administrators to request more information. The hospital/clinic web site is also listed.
  4. Allows Reiki practitioners wanting to volunteer a way to contact program administrators.
  5. Allows hospital or clinic administrators or others an easy way to research Reiki in hospitals so they can more easily set up a program in their hospital or clinic.
  6. Allows patients to find hospitals where Reiki sessions are offered.
  7. Provides a list of articles on Reiki in hospitals.
  8. Provides a list of Reiki research studies. This list is being developed and is not currently displayed. If you have information on Reiki research, please send it to us.

The information in the program list has been provided by individuals who are part of the Reiki program listed. The basic facts of the program have been verified and approved by the hospital before they are listed. In addition, the initial program listing date and date of last update are also indicated.


Fonte: Link

O Reiki é um método de redução de tensão que também promove a cura. Os médicos seculares utilizaram este método há mais de 90 anos, e a sua popularidade está a crescer cada vez mais. Um recente estudo dá-nos essa indicação em 2002, mais de um milhão de adultos nos EUA usufruiu de uma ou mais sessões de Reiki. Os médicos e enfermeiros estão a começar a reconhecer o seu valor e começaram a acrescentar esta técnica a serviços promovidos pelos hospitais, clínicas médicas, e programas de foro psiquiátrico. Estes profissionais de saúde dizem que o Reiki reduz a  tensão, diminui a necessidade de medicamentos para as dores, melhora o sono e o apetite, e acelera o processo curativo. Estes também dizem que o Reiki reduz muitos os efeitos colaterais não desejados de radiação e drogas, inclusive na quimioterapia. Claramente, o Reiki pode ser muito benéfico no uso hospitalar.

O propósito deste local de teia é promover a disponibilidade do Reiki em colocações médicas promovendo uma lista de hospitais, clínicas médicas, e programas de foro psiquiátrico onde são oferecidas sessões de Reiki. O local também prevê locais onde se possa começar um programa de Reiki num hospital ou numa clínica já transmitindo em rede com os organizadores de programas idênticos em execução. O local também pode ser útil para pacientes que procuram um hospital, clínica, ou outro programa de exame médico onde o Reiki é oferecido, ou para hospital ou exame médico de administradores clínicos que querem aprender a começar um programa de Reiki.


Sociedade é grátis

Para ganhar acesso aos recursos do local, precisa de se tornar sócio preenchendo um formulário. Sociedade é grátis.


Benefícios de sociedade

  1. Promove uma lista de hospitais e clínicas, onde são oferecidas sessões de Reiki. Inclui uma descrição do programa e informação de contacto. A Informação listada foi verificada e devidamente aprovada por cada hospital ou cada clínica.
  2. Promove uma lista de organizações de medicina de integração que mantêm no hospital ou clínica as sessões de Reiki em mais do que um local.
  3. Promove de modo a que organizadores/administradores de Reiki, possam por E-mail pedir mais informações. Os locais ou teias de hospitais/clínicas também são listado.
  4. Permite Terapeutas [médicos] de Reiki que se querem oferecer, de alguma forma, para contactar os administradores Hospitalares.
  5. Permite ao hospital ou administradores de clínica ou outros uma forma fácil de  pesquisar Reiki em hospitais.  Assim poderão criar um programa mais facilmente no hospital deles/delas ou clínica, com maior eficiência.
  6. Permite os pacientes encontrarem hospitais onde são oferecidas sessões de Reiki.
  7. Promove uma lista de artigos de Reiki nos hospitais.
  8. Promove uma lista de Reiki para pesquisa e estudos. Esta lista está sendo desenvolvida e não está sendo exibida actualmente. Se  tem informação sobre Reiki, por favor envie-nos.


A informação na lista de serviços foi elaborada por indivíduos que fazem parte do programa de Reiki listados. Foram verificados os factos essenciais para o serviço e aprovados pela direcção hospitalar antes de serem apresentados. Além disso, também são indicadas a data da listagem do programa inicial e a data da última actualização.


O que é o Reiki? What is Reiki? Quel est Reiki? Quale è Reiki? Welches ist Reiki? Que es Reiki?

O que é o Reiki?

O Reiki é uma energia cósmica, onde Rei significa Universo e Ki significa Energia. A mesma foi redescoberta pelo Dr. Micao Usui no séc. XIX no Japão. Foi redescoberta através de estudos e leituras de livros escritos em Sânscrito (Linguagem utilizada na zona na era antes de cristo) que se encontravam nas bibliotecas dos antigos templos budistas. O culminar desta descoberta fez-se quando ele se deslocou e permaneceu 21 dias no Monte Sinay unicamente em meditação e reflexão.

Nos dias de hoje esta é uma medicina alternativa que está em evolução sendo cada vez mais conhecida. O Reiki em si consiste na passagem de cargas positivas e fluidos vitais do terapeuta para o paciente, fazendo assim com que o paciente liberte as cargas negativas acumuladas no dia-a-dia, bem como o alinhamento dos Chakras e a energização dos mesmos. Jesus Cristo aquando da sua passagem pela terra também o fez quando curava com um simples toque nas pessoas. O Reiki não está particularmente ligado a nenhuma religião, quem o pratica deverá simplesmente fazê-lo em prol da Lei de Deus, a Lei da Providência, do Perdão, do Amor Incondicional, ou seja, por isso o Reiki pode ser feito a pessoas, plantas e animais. O Reiki é utilizado como terapia conjunta com a medicina tradicional. É aconselhado no pós-operatório, acamados de média e longa duração, pessoas psicologicamente desequilibradas e em grávidas. Em Nova York o Reiki é utilizado e praticado em vários hospitais públicos em complemento da medicina convencional.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a cosmic energy, where Rei means Universe and Ki means Energy. The same was rediscovered by the Dr. Micao Usui in the séc. XIX in Japan. It was rediscovered through studies and readings of books written in Sânscrito (Language used in the area in the era before cristo) that were at the libraries of the old Buddhist temples. Culminating of this discovery was made when he moved and it only stayed 21 days in the hill sinay in meditation and reflection.

In the days of today this it is an alternative medicine that is in evolution being known more and more. Reiki in itself consists of the passage of positive loads and the therapist's vital fluids for the patient, doing like this with that the patient frees the accumulated negative loads in the day by day, as well as the alignment of Chakras and the energy of the same ones. Jesus Christ when of his passage for the earth also made him/it when it cured with a simple touch in the people. Reiki is not particularly linked the any religion, who practices him/it should simply do him/it on behalf of the Law of God, the Law of the Providence, of the Pardon, of the Unconditional Love, in other words, for that Reiki can be made to people, plants and animals. Reiki is used as united therapy with the traditional medicine. It is advised in the postoperative, bedridden of average and long duration, people unbalanced physiologic and in pregnant. In New York Reiki is used and practiced at several public hospitals in complement of the conventional medicine.

Quel est Reiki?

Reiki est une énergie cosmique où Rei veut dire l'Univers et Ki veut dire l'Énergie. Le même a été redécouvert par le Dr. Micao Usui dans le séc. XIX au Japon. Il a été redécouvert à travers études et lectures de livres écrites dans Sânscrito (la Langue a utilisé dans la région dans l'époque avant cristo) c'était aux bibliothèques des vieux temples bouddhistes. Culminer de cette découverte a été fait quand il a déplacé et il est resté seulement 21 jours dans le sinay de colline dans méditation et réflexion.

Dans les jours d'aujourd'hui ce c'est une médecine alternative qui est dans évolution qui est sue de plus en plus. Reiki lui-même consiste en le passage de charges positives et les fluides vitaux du thérapeute pour le malade, aime ceci avec que le malade libère les charges négatives accumulées dans le jour par jour, aussi bien que l'alignement de Chakras et l'énergie des mêmes. Jésus Christ quand de son passage pour le monde aussi a fait him/it quand il a guéri avec un toucher simple dans les gens. Reiki n'est pas lié en particulier l'en la religion qui pratique him/it devrait faire simplement him/it de la part de la Loi de Dieu, la Loi de la Providence, du Pardon, de l'Amour Inconditionnel, en d'autres termes, pour ce Reiki peut être faite aux gens, les plantes et les animaux. Reiki est utilisé comme thérapie unie avec la médecine traditionnelle. Il est recommandé dans le postopératoire, alité de moyenne et longue durée, les gens ont déséquilibré physiologic et dans enceinte. Dans New York Reiki est utilisé et expert à plusieurs hôpitaux publics dans complément de la médecine conventionnelle.

Quale è Reiki?

Reiki è un'energia cosmica, dove Rei intende Universo e Ki intende Energia. Lo stesso fu riscoprito dal Dott. Micao Usui nel séc. XIX in Giappone. Fu riscoprito attraverso studi e letture di libri scritte in Sânscrito (Lingua usò nell'area nell'era di fronte a cristo) quell'era alle biblioteche dei vecchi tempi buddisti. Culminando di questa scoperta si fece quando lui si mosse e stette solamente 21 giorni nel sinay della collina in meditazione e riflessione.

Nei giorni di oggi questo è una medicina alternativa che è in evoluzione che è conosciuta sempre più. Reiki consiste in se stesso del passaggio di carichi positivi ed i fluidi vitali del terapeuta per il paziente, piace questo con che il paziente liberi i carichi negativi ed accumulati nel di giorno in giorno, così come l'allineamento di Chakras e l'energia degli stessi. Gesù Christ quando del suo passaggio per la terra anche fece him/it quando guarì con un semplice tocco nelle persone. Reiki non è collegato particolarmente l'alcuno religione che pratica him/it dovrebbe fare semplicemente him/it in favore della Legge di Dio, la Legge della Provvidenza, del Perdono dell'Amore Incondizionato, nelle altre parole per quel Reiki può essere fatta a persone, piante ed animali. Reiki è usato come terapia unita con la medicina tradizionale. È messo al corrente nel postoperatorio, costretto a letto di media e la durata lunga, persone non equilibrato fisiologico ed in incinta. In Reiki di New York è usato e praticato a molti ospedali pubblici in complemento della medicina convenzionale.

Welches ist Reiki?

Reiki ist eine Weltall Energie, wo Schuldig es versteht Universum und Ki, es versteht Energie. Das derselbe wurde vom wiederentdeckt Dr. Micao Usui in der séc. XIX in Japan. Es wurde durch Lernen und Lektüren von Büchern Aufschriften in Sânscrito (Sprache benutzte in der Fläche im Zeitalter gegenüber cristo) jener wiederentdeckt, es war zu den Bibliotheken von den alten buddhistischen Zeiten. Man machte, da gipfelte es von dieser Entdeckung, wenn es sich bewegte und es war nur 21 Tage im sinay des Hügels in Meditation und Überlegung.

In den Tagen von heute ist dieses eine abwechselnde Medizin, die in Entwicklung ist, die gekannt wird, immer mehr. Reiki besteht in sich selbst vom Durchgang von positiven Ladungen und den vitalen Flüssigkeiten des Therapeuten für den Patienten, das gefällt mit, daß der Patient Tag für Tag die negativen und aufgelaufenen Ladungen im befreit, so wie die Angleichung von Chakras und der Energie der derselbe. Jesus Christ, wenn von seinem Durchgang für die Erde auch him/it machte, wenn es mit einer einfachen Berührung in den Leuten heilte. Reiki wird nicht insbesondere das einige Religion verbunden, die him/it ausübt, es sollte einfach him/it zugunsten des Gesetzes Gottes das Gesetz von der Vorsehung, die Verzeihung der Bedingungslosen Liebe in den anderen Wörtern für jene Reiki machen, es kann Leuten, Pflanzen und Tieren gemacht werden. Reiki wird als vereinte Therapie mit der traditionellen Medizin benutzt. Es wird zu das fließenden ins postoperativen gezwungen zu Bett von Durchschnitt und der langen Dauer Leute nicht gleichgewichtig physiologisch gestellt und in schwangeres. Es wird in Reiki von New York benutzt und es wird zu vielen öffentlichen Krankenhäusern in Satzergänzung der konventionellen Medizin ausgeübt.

Que es Reiki?

Reiki es una energía cósmica, dónde Culpables entiende Universo y Ki entiende Energía. El mismo se hubo sido redescubierto por el Dr. Micao Usui en el séc. XIX en Japón. Se hubo redescubierto por estudios y lecturas de libros inscripciones en Sânscrito, Lengua usó en el área en la era frente a cristo, aquel estuvo en las bibliotecas de los viejos tiempos budistas. Culminando de este descubrimiento se hizo cuando él se movido y sólo estuvo 21 días en el sinay de la colina en meditación y reflexión.

En los días de hoy ésta es una medicina alternativa que está en evolución que es conocida cada vez más. Reiki le consiste en él mismo del paso de cargas positivas y los fluidos vitales del terapeuta para el paciente, gusta este con que el paciente libera los cargados negativos y acumulados de día en día en el, tal como la alineación de Chakras y la energía de los mismos. Jesús Christ cuando de su paso por la tierra también hizo him/it cuando curó con un simple toque en las personas. Reiki no es conectado particularmente el alguna religión que práctico him/it debería hacer sencillamente him/it en favor de la Ley de Dios, la Ley del Providencia, del Perdón del amor Incondicional, en las otras palabras por aquellos Reiki puede ser hecha a personas, plantas y animales. Reiki es usado como terapia unida con la medicina tradicional. Es puesto a lo corriente en lo posoperatorio, obligado a cama de media y a la duración larga, personas no equilibradas fisiológico y en embarazado. En Reiki de Nueva York es usado y practicado a muchos hospitales públicos en complemento de la medicina convencional.

Reiki em Inglês

            REIKI is a system of human development and cure energetic, for the imposition of the hands, of incomparable simplicity and effectiveness.
            Á SHINES OF THE OLD SCIENCE OF Tantra, the human body is seen as the most perfect instrument for expansion of the conscience. This perfection is rendered through the development of psychic-energy centers.
            Located in the cerebrospinal system, the chakras are the apprenticeship in which takes place the interaction between the superior conscience and the desire.
            The chakras are psychic-energy centers, always actives in our body wants have or no conscience of his/her existence. The life energy moves through these centers producing different psychic states.
            In form terms, the healthy chakras as whirls of energy-small cones of circular energy-that work as a type of reception apparel and expulsion of energy; their circular vortexes are in constant movement and they have a diameter from 5 to 10cm. They are located in a layer of energy that involves the physical body, the breeze, and they link the physical body to the energy.
Some benefits of the reiki:
Ø      deep Relaxation;
Ø      Elimination of blockades;
Ø      Harmony tour body;
Ø      Up your vibratory frequency;
Ø      The being's citizen;
Ø      Complements medical treatments;
Ø      Removes stress.

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  66. 2013
  67. J
  68. F
  69. M
  70. A
  71. M
  72. J
  73. J
  74. A
  75. S
  76. O
  77. N
  78. D
  79. 2012
  80. J
  81. F
  82. M
  83. A
  84. M
  85. J
  86. J
  87. A
  88. S
  89. O
  90. N
  91. D
  92. 2011
  93. J
  94. F
  95. M
  96. A
  97. M
  98. J
  99. J
  100. A
  101. S
  102. O
  103. N
  104. D
  105. 2010
  106. J
  107. F
  108. M
  109. A
  110. M
  111. J
  112. J
  113. A
  114. S
  115. O
  116. N
  117. D
  118. 2009
  119. J
  120. F
  121. M
  122. A
  123. M
  124. J
  125. J
  126. A
  127. S
  128. O
  129. N
  130. D
  131. 2008
  132. J
  133. F
  134. M
  135. A
  136. M
  137. J
  138. J
  139. A
  140. S
  141. O
  142. N
  143. D
  144. 2007
  145. J
  146. F
  147. M
  148. A
  149. M
  150. J
  151. J
  152. A
  153. S
  154. O
  155. N
  156. D